Leak Detection & Repair

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When leaks are putting a damper on your day, make your first call to Carroll Plumbing! We have over 20 years of experience helping with leak detection repair in Anderson County and the surrounding area. Whether you have a dripping faucet or a major leak that’s costing you money, we can help. We’re licenced and experienced with all types of plumbing problems, and we offer fast efficient repairs and excellent customer service. 

Leak Detection Repair

The first sign of many leaks is obvious: water where it shouldn’t be. Either a faucet is leaking after being turned off or you notice water building up under sinks or around other pipes. 

However, sometimes the signs of a leak are much more subtle. Sometimes leaks happen in pipes that are not visible or present inside your house. They might be under the house or elsewhere in your plumbing system, out of sight and out of mind. The signs of these types of leaks can be obvious, like pooling water in your yard or musty smells coming from under the house. 

Sometimes the signs are less immediately noticeable. You may see a sizable increase in your water bill. You might also notice puckering of floorboards or walls that indicates there may be water building up under and behind those fixtures. When you see these signs, it’s very important to call a professional plumber to find and repair the leak quickly. Otherwise, you may have additional problems to deal with, including water damage.

How Plumbers Detect Leaks

When the location of a leak is not immediately noticeable, it can be a challenge to locate. Plumbers use a few different methods and tools to detect leaks. First, we use the old fashioned methods of sight and sound. We will likely walk around the property, getting close to the borders of the house and any access points. At these important locations, we will visually inspect and listen for any signs of leaks. The sound of rushing water when the water is not running is a big clue to where a leak may be located.

After an initial investigation, we use leak detection equipment to pinpoint the exact location of the leak. This is so we don’t have to tear out walls and floors or dig up your yard to get to the source. Sensors work to detect sound, just like we do with our ears. However, a sensor is much more sensitive. This equipment has the ability to hear noise from the pipes that is undetectable to the human ear. 

Another tool we use is a video inspection tool. Thiis equipment has a mounted light and video camera that we can run down the pipe. This way, we can see inside and locate the source of the leak very quickly and precisely. This minimizes property damage and saves time, which is a positive for both the plumber and the homeowner.

Repairs You Can Trust

Once we detect the location of the leak, we can get started fixing it. This may involve a repair to the existing pipe or a replacement. Either way, you can count on us to do quality work quickly and efficiently, at the best possible price. Since 1998, we have been detecting and repairing leaks in Palestine and Anderson County, and we’re ready to get to work for you.

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